Advertising, Corporate Communications and Publishing

XS has an established design agency specializing in full service design for business communications, interactive multimedia and creative IT Services.

Key Services include:

  • Advertising, Branding & Design.
  • Publishing.
  • Corporate Communications.
  • Turnkey Corporate Websites and Information System Services.

IT and Web Solutions

We consider interactive media a unique opportunity to manage and measure every aspect of costumer relationship and brand experience. To do this we craft intelligent databases, customized content, personal applications and targeted loyalty programs. XS' know-how helps build long term, expert business relationships, putting your customers at the heart of the solution.

Public Relations

Over the last 30 years, XS has partnered with many multinational companies and organizations to provide them tailored PR Solutions. For every economic sector XS can source and identify key media exposure and trade promotion opportunities. Our Public Relations know-how facilitates introductions, sponsorship programs, marketing and market research.

VIP Databases

XS Conferences & Exhibitions' database is unrivaled in the Middle East. With over 30 years, experience in customer relationship management, matching buyers and sellers. XS regularly updates its database of hundreds of thousands of names and can safely deliver the right people to meet your requirements every time.